New Delhi. “If it is the K-factor for Ekta Kapoor, it is the numeric factor for me”, said Chetan Bhagat during one of his interviews after the release party of his new novel “2 States – The Story of My Marriage”, shocking his fans and followers who thought that Chetan didn’t believe in stuffs like numerology. Chetan candidly conceded that the key to his literary success was numbers and not words.

The revelation also comes as shock to many who thought that Chetan Bhagat believed in nameology, as the names of the protagonists in Chetan’s novel were based on the names of Lord Vishnu viz. Hari, Shyam, Govind and Krishna, from first to his latest book.

A file photo of Chetan Bhagat

A file photo of Chetan Bhagat

But an insider told Faking News that Chetan was not so particular on names but always insisted upon putting numbers in the title of his novels. It’s not mere a coincidence that all his four novels have numbers in their titles, be it Five Point Someone, or One Night at Call Center, or Three Mistakes of My Life, and now 2 States. Finally Chetan admitted the same.

Faking News could track down the numerologist of Chetan Bhagat, who, on the conditions of anonymity, informed us that Chetan was deeply influenced by number 6 and considered it as his lucky number. It was his dream to author at least 6 bestseller novels.

He also told that it was not mere coincidence that Chetan got his first book published after visiting six publishers (as revealed in 2 States). Furthermore, his name and surname both have six letters each and the numeric sum of his name also adds up to 6 i.e. [C(3)+H(8)+E(5)+T(20)+A(1)+N(14) = 51 = 5+1 = 6]

Again, in his family, his wife’s name, Anusha, and his twin son’s names, Shyaam and Ishaan, all have 6 letters.

A close friend of Chetan also reveals that titles of Chetan’s next two novels, after 2 States, would consist of numbers 4 and 6, in order to complete the series from 1 to 6. Chetan refused to divulge the details about his next novels, but he accepted his belief in numerology. He also refused that such a belief was irrational, “all these things are decided by the market.” he said.

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8 Responses to “Chetan Bhagat accepts that he believes in numerology”

  1. “the key to his literary success was numbers and not words…” is wicked but very true.

    Love you for this post 😉

  2. Nevermind! October 15, 2009

    Dear Chetan!

    How about fashion designing or something other creative pursuit.

    Dude quit writing!

    • well, if you don’t like his writing, you should quit reading him! why the hell he should quit writing, it’s his choice and his life!

    • worstcritic December 10, 2009

      I totally agree with Nevermind!!

      Chetan Bhagat must quit writing. fashion designing is a better idea…

  3. News about Chetan got publiched in FN on October 15(1+5=6)

    I was expecting the name of 4th novel by Chetan as “4th mistake of my life”..I appreciated Chetan when he named his 3rd novel as “3 mistakes of my life”…1st mistake — five point someone..2nd mistake — One night at call centre, 3rd mistake — 3 mistakes of my life … 🙂

    • worstcritic December 10, 2009

      you have my words….

      I admire Chetan Bhagat of accepting his 3 mistakes of in his 3rd book.

      I wonder how many mistakes he has still in his bag. And till what time he will be mistakenly famous. 🙂