Dear Pagal,

On this Dussehra, I saw two BJP Chief Ministers, Narendra Modi of Gujarat and Shivraj Singh Chouhan of Madhya Pradesh, performing Shastra Puja (weapon worship). Although I’m told that this is an age old tradition, though performed with modern weapons these days, I’m a bit confused why BJP leaders are going for weapons over gods and goddesses? Do you have any idea why is it so?

Bihari from Lucknow.

Dear Bihari,

It’s a very different kind of question from the ones we normally receive such as tips on how to propose to the neighbor’s daughter. This one is different, so let’s try to find out an answer to your question.

We keep on hearing from BJP supporters and opponents that the party has forgotten Lord Rama. So what we did was that we took a picture of Lord Rama and removed the lord himself. And look for yourself what is left with you when you ignore Lord Rama.

Learning without the lord

Learning without the lord

Gold Crown
– without the lord, it’s just a desire for wealth and political power

Garland – without the lord, it’s just a desire for victory and fame

Saffron Cloth – without the lord, it’s just a symbol of a lifeless culture.

Bow & Arrow – without the lord, they are just weapons.

I hope it answers your question “why BJP leaders are going for weapons over gods”, and it’s not just about weapons you see.

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  • Nimba

    FUCKKKKKKKING AWESOME MAN….. really enlightning

  • all smoked up

    dude….this is your best work….BEST !!

  • pagal patrakar

    Fucking awesome man I really really like that.Great insight.

  • tangam

    ‘Saffron Cloth – without the lord, it’s just a symbol of a lifeless culture.’

    what culture u are talking about?????? OMG save me. enlighten me

    saffron, bjp, rss hmmm

    • Black

      A choot like you who thinks saffron means BJP or RSS is a nothing but a choot. So no point telling you anything, except that you are a choot.

  • dugaduga

    Oye bhasad chodon saale kutte ki gandi gaand ki paidaaish, shastra pujan is done so that Bhagwa can fuck ur sorry asses for talking shit out out of ur mouths about hinduism..go to afghanistan u cunt & see what happens to u there.

  • Varun Gupta

    Aag laga di pagal bhai !!
    Ek pagal ko chotey pagal ka salam !!
    Tohfa kabul karo !! :)

  • Varun Gupta

    Controversial, but more of true !! But does, we the people, have given a option better than the current..any present political parties !! We the youth need to create options rather than just discussing !! Its time 4 advocacy than philosophy !! We damn will do it !!

  • Pagal Reader

    FUCKIN TRUE…….\,,/

    You hit straight below the belt of BJP.