World leaders at work

World leaders at work

Washington, DC. USA. Continuing the tradition that was started by former US president George Bush during the G-8 Summit in St Petersburg when he gave a rather uninvited neck massage German Chancellor Angela Merkel, current US President Barack Obama has gone one step ahead and given her a full back massage. Merkel reportedly found the massage very relaxing and good for the relation between the two countries.

“Masseur (sic) Obama is a gentleman and he far better than Bush in lending a helping hand. I am looking forward to more such massages in the future.” Merkel said after the massage.

Experts believe that the act is significant and it signals that President Obama might eventually attend the 20th anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany this November. Following this, more and more Chancellors, Presidents and Prime Ministers are expected to rush to United States to get back rubs and ‘full body massages’ from Mr Obama.

Meanwhile protests have arisen in India where people are demanding that President Pratibha Patil should not be seen anywhere near Obama. They say it’s against Indian culture for her to receive such massages. Following the protests, Rashtrapati Bhavan has reassured people about any such possibility.

“Madam Patil may go for an occasional neck rub, but not a full back massage, Indian citizens should rest assured about that. But we want to convey to Washington that Madam Patil would be highly obliged if the US President made such an offer.” a press release by Rashtrapati Bhavan read.

Another group of protestor also objected to the Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh visiting United States. These protestors claim that even a neck-back rub could go ‘ugly’. The government is trying to pacify the protest groups and nobody has been hurt till now.

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    The image could have been better. The squarish cutout boundary around obama’s head is clearly seen.

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