Adolf Hitler didn’t always hate Indian news channels. In fact he was a big big fan of India TV once.

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  • Dharmen

    This is simply genius.. absolutely funny and spot on.. hope someone makes morons in Hindi news channel sit and watch this.. good work and amazing creativity!

  • Prinzz

    Bro ..telecast this video on TV as breakinfg
    news…its AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • krish

    Awesome simply awesome man !! why do u target only india tv…..even other crap news channels like ndtv, ibn etc deserve hitler’s ‘comments’……….great keep going

  • Elcoj

    Where are you from? Is it a secret? :)

    • Sumit Purohit

      Thanks everyone…I am happy you people have looked beyond the humour in this video…
      @Elcoj…If u r asking me…I have no secrets…I am from mumbai…though I have no idea who Pagal Patrakar is…I guess he is only sane patrakar around :p

  • Sanchit Gupta

    gr88888 concept … simply awesome!

  • shijo

    this is great.. great sense of sane humor… well done…

  • Saurabh Jain

    This was simply genius!
    The script was awesome! Kudos to Sumit and the team of FN