German dictator Adolf Hitler was not happy with many things in this world, but he especially hated Indian news channels!

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  • Dharmen

    LOL.. this one is even better.. whoever is Sumit, man, u rock!

  • karvi

    This is just awesome!

  • Prinzz

    This is simply awesome…pure gem of humour…India Tv sux big time..and this portrays this in simply one of the best way…Rock guys

  • prehistoric alien

    this is not just awesome n hillarious.. its a wonderful and apt satire!! i would love to fwd this to rajat sharma….

  • shijo

    cummon yaar, thiz’z simply wonderfool….

  • Chirag K. Shah

    Sumit , you are the best

  • khaleel

    amazing creativity. do something for this clown arnab also. he is such a nonstop nonsense.